Crosswicks Firefighters to Move Into Chesterfield Firehouse

By Ben Wolverton
March 11, 2019 – 9:44am

Crosswicks Fire House (File)

CHESTERFIELD, NJ – The Crosswicks Fire Company has left the building… almost. The bulk of the firefighters of Crosswicks will leave their firehouse on New Street today and move into the Chesterfield Fire House as a part of the ongoing consolidation effort in Chesterfield Township.

Chesterfield Twp Fire Commissioner officials confirmed to WBNC News Sunday that the 6 career firefighters and most of the volunteers will be moving to join the combined fire company starting today. The Crosswicks Fire House will still have some operations coming out of it for a while.

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Renovations are set to take place at the Chesterfield Fire House on Route 528 to make room for both departments, and WBNC News has learned that funds for that will be obtained equally from both the Chesterfield Hose Company and the Union Fire Company, along with a donation from the Chesterfield Ladies Auxiliary.

Last month, fire elections were held in Chesterfield Township, and just 117 residents came to vote in person, electing a new combined Board of Fire Commissioners.

The Chesterfield Board of Education owns the building on New Street in Crosswicks, and there’s no word yet on what they plan to do with it.

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