Chesterfield Twp Residents To Vote for Consolidated Fire Commission Today

By Ben Wolverton
February 16, 2019 – 2:18pm

The Chesterfield Township Municipal Building (Ben Wolverton/WBNC News)

CHESTERFIELD, NJ – Polls have just opened at the Chesterfield Township Municipal Building where voters will choose a consolidated fire commission. Polls are open until 9pm.

The Chesterfield Township Committee voted in October of last year to approve the consolidation of fire districts in Chesterfield Township, combining the Crosswicks Fire Company and Chesterfield Hose Company, which will be governed by a joint 5-person Board of Fire Commissioners.

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Katelyn McElmoyl, a lawyer with Park McCay, tells WBNC News that once the election of a new board of Commissioners is complete, the consolidation of the 2 districts will be finalized. The local finance board approved the consolidation with the agreement that fire protection services still be provided to the part of Hamilton once served by Crosswicks Fire.

“This agreement must be executed and provided to the Local Finance Board prior to the consolidated fire district’s submission of its 2020 budget to the state,” McElmoyl continues. “This condition will be satisfied in the near future as representatives from Hamilton Township and the consolidated fire district are presently finalizing the agreement for review and execution by the Hamilton Township Council and the newly elected Board of Fire Commissioners for the consolidated fire district.”

At a meeting last October, Former Chief Wilson detailed the estimated fiscal impact of consolidation. District #2 (mostly made up of Chesterfield homes) would see an annual tax increase of approximately $80. District #1 (mostly made up of Crosswicks homes, including much of the newer developments) could expect an increase of approximately $23 per year. Wilson explained that since District #2 has never paid for career firefighters, their taxes would increase when combining with Crosswicks Fire Company.

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