Environmentalists Work to Stave Off Relentless Beaver

Chesterfield Environmental Commission Wraps Trees to Reduce Food Source

By Ben Wolverton
January 20, 2019 – 3:06pm

Chesterfield Environmental Commission wraps trees on Recklesstown Way to protect from beavers. Ben Wolverton/WBNC News

CHESTERFIELD, NJ – The Chesterfield Environmental Commission have been diligently attempting to stave off a hungry beaver from chomping through our trees, particularly in the area of Recklesstown Way. The local group has been wrapping trees with welded wire for 3 feet up from the trunk in hopes that the lack of food source will force the animal to head north out of our township.

Environmental Commission member Nancy Scarafile tells WBNC News that about 200 trees have been wrapped so far and that they have been following the beavers movements around the new development. The Commission is also painting the base of trees with non-toxic latex paint mixed with sand, and they hope to replant as many trees as possible.

Scarafile reached out to 7 of different environmental agencies and they all recommended wrapping trees; none of them said to trap the animal. The NJDEP also won’t authorize trapping and relocating.

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According to Scarafile, not only have they not received backlash, they’ve seen residents taking the initiative to wrap trees themselves. She wants to remind residents that beavers are wild animals and should not be approached.

In December, Chesterfield Township Committee approved the formation of a subcommittee, that will investigate long-term solutions to the beavers. The Chesterfield Township Environmental Commission is a 7 member advisory board established in 1973. The Commission’s next public meeting is on Tuesday, January 22nd at 7pm.

Ben Wolverton can be reached at bwolverton@wbncnews.com