Boy Scouts Erect New Flagpole in Memory of Late Leader

Dan Wolverton
January 02, 2019 – 9:55pm

CROSSWICKS, NJ – Crosswicks Troop 55 has had a large presence in Chesterfield Township since 1951 when they were first chartered to the Crosswicks Community House. Over the past few months, the Troop has undertaken their most recent community project: A new flagpole at the Community House, a project that has large sentimental value to many troop members.

WBNC News spoke to Jeremy Moran, a troop committee member who was out helping install the new pole today. “[The new flagpole is] in memory of John McBride, who helped out the Boy Scouts throughout years of service, and passed away in a terrible car accident, and it’s in memory of him.”

The pole that was replaced today was a single straight cedar tree limb that WBNC News has been able to trace back to the 1960’s and may have been installed along with the construction of the community house in 1923.

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