Message Sent to Allentown Students Causes Shelter in Place

Ben Wolverton
Published: January 03, 2019 – 1:36pm
Updated: January 03, 2019 – 3:19pm

ALLENTOWN, NJ – Allentown High School students “Sheltered in Place” this afternoon after someone air-dropped a message warning students not to come to school tomorrow. Air-dropping is only an Apple feature and allows the sender to air-drop a message to a nearby Apple device. The alleged message was a photo of a lemon photoshopped to look like a grenade. The device that sent the message was allegedly called “don’t come to school tomorrow.”

UFRSD Superintendent Mark Guterl sent a voicemail to student’s parents at 1:37pm, saying “Today, some students received a message on their phones that they shouldn’t come to school tomorrow. Fortunately, our Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officer was on site, and our SRO arrived in minutes. Currently, the State Police are investigating this through their forensics unit and are working on identifying the person who sent the message. All students are fine.”

Guterl says that students “Sheltered in Place” as a precaution. They expect students to be dismissed at the normal time and will have expanded police presence this afternoon. All after-school activities are canceled for the High School, Middle School, and Elementary School.

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