Fernbrook Farms Invites Guests To Make Holiday Wreaths

Marisa Murphy
Published: December 02, 2018 – 10:30pm
Updated: December 11, 2018 – 10:55pm

CHESTERFIELD, NJ –  A chilly, cloudy day did not stop friends and family from visiting Fernbrook Farms yesterday, as they opened their doors to the public for a wreath making event.

Upon arrival to the farm, and aside from the event, WBNC News was greeted by a new litter of kittens- Education Director Brian Kuser explained that these new kittens are helping keep the farm free of any mice.

Once free from all kitten distractions, WBNC News walked inside the Education Center, where Farmer Q was showing a finished wreath to the 30+ guests that attended. Once the demo was complete, he led the group out to the wagons, where they were loaded up and driven off by Farmer Q and Fernbrook Farms’ Homeschool Director Jenna Collins.

They made several stops, each stop to pick colored firs, a variety of plants, pine cones, and hollies. After an hour out on the tree farm, the wagons made their way back to the education center- Farmer Q unloaded the guests and led them back inside, where they were greeted with the warmth of the fireplace and Christmas music playing. The guests laid out their supplies and put together their holiday wreaths.

This fun event is not the only event during their Winter season. Fernbrook Farms will also be holding a winter break camp for kids in late January and mid- February. Visit fernbrookfarms.com for more information on Winter break camp registration.

WBNC News will be at many of the events this month, and Fernbrook Farms is just the first stop of the season. Stay up to date with all of the upcoming events by visiting our community calendar.

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