The Crosswicks Crawl has returned for the fourth year, with tours beginning 7pm Friday night. The first group of victims met at the Crosswicks Firehouse, where they met Keith Reimann, Vice President of the Crosswicks Community Association and Safety Guide Daniel Wolverton.

From the firehouse, the group traveled down New Street and turned onto Ellisdale Road, where Wolverton guided the guests into the Crosswicks Methodist Cemetary. The overgrown grass around the plots and graves met with a path led with candles, where guests would walk the path and stand in an open plot. They were then introduced to their old-timey historic villager, Timothy, who has been leading the tours for the last four years. Each year has had different stories, but this year there are several new stories that share the same grim fate as the old.

Timothy guided the party of 26 down the roads and alleys of Crosswicks, sharing the tales and stories of villagers past. Some mild and lighthearted, others dark and grim. And as advertised, many of these stories would not be suitable for children. The hour and fifteen-minute tour concluded at the top of the hill, where the Crosswicks sign stands, where he would leave the group to sell more “recycled” findings he had “found” in the cemetery. He left with a cackle into the darkness, and the guests applauded, the first tour of the season a success.

While Sunday’s tour is sold out, there are still several more tour dates to fill, and ticket sales go to the Crosswicks United Methodist Church. To learn more about this tour, or to purchase your tickets today, visit

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