TRENTON, NJ – A new world record in competitive eating was reached in Trenton on Saturday when Geoffrey Esper ate 50 pork roll sandwiches in 10 minutes.

Esper, from Oxford, Massachusetts, is the #3 competitive eater in the world, as ranked by Major League Eating. He ate alongside Joey Chestnut of California, who is the world’s #1 ranked eater. Chestnut fell short Saturday, eating only 38 pork roll sandwiches. Until today, Chestnut held the record with 43 sandwiches in 2016.

The 11 competitors weren’t the only ones able to sample the spiced meat at today’s event. ARM & HAMMER Park hosted RiverFest, an afternoon of live music, food trucks, corn hole, inflatables, a dunk tank, and a broad selection of pork roll-themed menu items.

The star of the concessions during the 2018 Thunder baseball season was the Sticky Pig, available at the Case’s Pork Roll Paradise Stand. The Sticky Pig is a slice of Case’s pork roll, bacon, egg, and cheese, with red pepper jam, on a glazed donut.

Fans had free-range of the ballpark, and whether playing catch in the outfield, or corn hole in the infield, they could sample Autumn-inspired craft beers, some with hints of pumpkin, some with apple, and, of course, some with pork roll.

WBNC News Photographer Marisa Murphy traveled to RiverFest on Saturday and you can see her photos below!

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