9 Redwood Avenue, Bordentown NJ (Google Maps)


Suspect is in custody. Stand off ends.

Police: There are NO lock-downs at area schools. Parents can pick up their children.

Police are involved in an armed-standoff at 9 Redwood Avenue in Bordentown.

As of 2:19pm, the suspect has a gun in his waistband and a shotgun in the kitchen.

Built in 1952, 9 Redwood Avenue is reportedly owned by a Thomas Hewitt. It is a 1 story home with a 1 car garage and is under a 1/4 of an acre. (source)

As of 1:50pm, the suspect is going in and out of the backdoor. He threw a cushion outside that he was originally using to block the back kitchen windows.

At least 3 weapons are in the house, including an AR-15, a 9mm Browning, and a shotgun.

Police are asking Verizon to reestablish the home phone in this residence to possibly have a line of contact. Additionally, police say the armed man is asking to talk to his wife to possibly negotiate.

On the police scanner, it was said someone yelled to the armed man “This is not going to end well, [you’re] going to end up with a bullet in [your] throat.”

A WBNC News viewer reported seeing 15 police officers racing up Route 130 North in Bordentown at around 1pm headed to the scene. Around 1:55pm an ambulance was headed down Route 528 in Chesterfield.