This photo is from WBNC News viewer Shania in Eastaboga, Alabama at 8am this morning.

We are expected to get some snow in our area tomorrow, and below is a statement from Chesterfield Twp, NJ Chief of Police Kyle Wilson.

We are expecting our first snow of the season. It is projected 3-5 inches of snow starting during the overnight hours. I wanted to remind everyone again of the winter rules. Please remove all vehicles from the streets, prior to the start of the snow. Our public works department will be out plowing and needs all vehicles off the roadways. Also for those of you who have basketball hoops set up along the road/alleys/lanes, please make sure the hoops DO NOT extend beyond the curb line. If they do they will get clipped by the salt/plow trucks!

For those of you in Heritage North (north of Bordentown Crosswicks) and Traditions section, your roads have not been turned over to the township and are the developers responsibility to plow and salt.

Also please make sure you clear your sidewalks when the snow stops. And please do not throw the snow from your sidewalks or driveways into the road. Besides creating a safety issue, it will end back on your sidewalk when the plow trucks come back around.

Thank you for your cooperation

Chief of Police Kyle WilsonChesterfield Twp

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