A recent study from Ohio State University has found that microchipped pets have a much higher rate of return to their owner over a pet that is not microchipped. The median return to owner rates for animal shelters who participated in the study were 2.4 times higher for dogs with a microchip than all stray dogs (52.2% vs. 21.9%) and 21.4 times higher for cats with a microchip than all stray cats (38.5% vs. 1.8%). The truth is, collars can fall off, or be intentionally removed by thieves. Microchips, on the other hand remain within the pet’s body, making identification and recovery much easier.

Dickinson-McNeill Veterinary Clinic in Chesterfield is hoping to do something about the number of pets who have not been implanted with a microchip. Their upcoming microchip clinics, to be held on four consecutive Thursday mornings this December, the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, will provide the chipping service to pets at a reduced rate of $12.25 (not including a separate activation fee). The fee includes getting the information into the national database, and offers a complimentary year of a benefit package that includes a 24/7 emergency medical hotline that customers can call daily, if they need to, at no extra charge.

“Many people want to microchip their pets, but myths regarding pain and price are common reasons they do not. Pets who aren’t microchipped have a much harder time finding their way back home” says Brent Dickinson, Practice Manager of Dickinson-McNeill Veterinary Clinic. “We’d like to see all of our patients microchipped, as we know how much more likely it can make their return.”

The December clinic promotion marks the lowest price the clinic has ever charged for the service. “We’ve partnered with Merck Animal Health to provide these top-of-the-line HomeAgain chips at the best rate possible.” said Dickinson. “We can’t be certain we’ll be able to provide it in the future, so it’s a great time to act.”

To help facilitate a quick and easy clinic experience, Dickinson-McNeill Veterinary Clinic is taking appointments for the microchipping events. They will obtain pet owner information in advance by emailing out a registration packet in the weeks leading up to the day of chipping. “We’re trying to make it a 5 minute, in-and-out experience. We know people are busy, and we honestly don’t want to put stress on the animals by having a bunch of them on top of each other” added Dickinson.

In addition to the event being painless, Dickinson noted “the insertion of the chip itself is very quick and relatively painless. Anesthesia is not needed, and most pets react like they would to getting a vaccination- a quick pinch, and it’s done.”

For more information on how microchipping can help your pet, visit our microchipping page on our website, To schedule a microchipping appointment, call us at (609) 298-0900 and a member of our staff will be happy to help you.