Many members of the public and the CTEA represented themselves at October 4th’s Chesterfield Twp Elementary Board of Education meeting to fight against the voting of superintendent Scott Heino’s approval for a new contract. Meanwhile, teacher’s contracts have expired and do not have a new one set in place.

During the first public comment section, Board of Education President Jignesh Shah commented that the teacher’s contract discussion should be held until the end of the meeting, during the second portion of public comments, stating that the first portion was for agenda items only. Christina Hoggan rebutted, “…there is a timing issue for things and there’s communication. There has not been enough communication on this issue. It is completely unclear why you would even consider renewing a contract early when- i’m sorry, it is related- the teachers don’t have a contract… The timing doesn’t make sense.”

However the pleas from the public was not enough for the board, where the vote of 4-1 approved the contract, which included a raise.

This is based on a new Governor Christie law, that bases salary caps on student enrollment. As the number of Chesterfield students has just surpassed 750, Heino can receive an increase. Built into the contract is a salary guarantee, that if enrollment goes down, his salary will stay the same until 2022.

While they approved of the superintendent’s contract, the board also approved of a few changes to the meeting layouts, specifically talking about public comment portions of the meetings.