Starting at midnight Wednesday, Karlos Basak, also known as “Jersey Karlos”, will begin walking the entire proposed length of the Southern Reliability Link Pipeline, from Chesterfield to Manchester, NJ.

Basak, 33, who is a NJ Gubernatorial Candidate, will begin at midnight and walk until sunrise. He will begin in Chesterfield on Route 528, the site of the compressor station, and plans to complete the 30 mile journey by Thursday evening.

He spoke to WBNC News at the compressor site.

In addition to his opposition to fossil fuels and natural gas, Basak is a strong anti-car activist, and stopped using a car in May. “I see cars as a disease that we’ve gotten hooked on,” he told WBNC News. After an ankle injury, he began driving again. 10 days ago (last Sunday), he again stopped using a car. He says it all has to do with the “Story of Unsustainability”.

Basak is in favor of resilient, sustainable farming, and more power in community groups. From his interview:

“If I’m not chased away right away when I go door to door, I tell people who answer the door I’m the Robin Hood of Power,” he said. “What I would like to do is steal the power from the power wealthy, federal and state government agencies and big corporations that are interwoven with them into the channels of power, and give that power back to the local municipalities.”

Karlos Basak

Basak is also registered to participate in the NYC Marathon on November 7th (the same day as the Gubernatorial Election) and is dedicating his run to anti-car and sustainability.