Jeffrey Wilson, Jr. (30 yo), Hamilton, NJ


In April, a story was going around social media in our area about a mom at Shoprite who said a suspicious man was getting too close to her daughter.

​Soon after, Hamilton police released a statement saying they talked to the man, and it was all a misunderstanding; he was just buying dinner. This week, we learned there’s much more to that story. is reporting that Jeffrey Wilson, Jr. of Hamilton, New Jersey was charged with two counts of invasion of privacy and four counts of harassment for his actions in April. Two incidents took place, one at the Shoprite in Hamilton Marketplace, and the other at the Shoprite on Route 33.

The article says “Wilson used a camera attached to his sneaker to take pictures of adult women while shopping.”

Police are now saying that all the publicity from the news articles prompted officers to keep investigating, going through hours of footage from both stores. They say that while no abduction attempt was made, they charged Wilson with the privacy and harassment counts.