Chesterfield could receive upwards of $449,000 towards next year’s school budget. This number comes from an agreement between State Senate President Steve Sweeney and State Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto.

The agreement adds $100M of new money into the budget for K-12 funding, but also reallocates $46M in existing school funding. Schools in New Jersey are funded based on a 2008 plan signed by then-Governor Corzine. Many schools in the Garden State did not see an increase in school funding when their enrollments increased, and many schools are receiving funds for student numbers that are much less now.

Both Sweeney and Prieto are Democrats and are currently at odds with Republican Governor Christie, with the deadline for the state budget on July 1st only days away. At a news conference on Wednesday, Christie said: “I don’t talk about the negotiations I have with the Senate president or the speaker.”