The Joint Committee on School Funding Fairness met on Tuesday night to discuss how Chesterfield will begin the long journey of becoming a fully funded school district.

Joining Andrea Katz and Chesterfield Superintendent Scott Heino was Associate Executive Director for the New Jersey Senate Democrats, Mark Magyar, who explained the timeline of events with the rise of school funding. He stated that in New Jersey, all the schools in the state are a total of $2.8 billion underfunded. Magyar said that although the Senate Democratic President Steve Sweeney is stubborn, he is a pleasure to work with, and assured us that the president wants the rise of funding to “get done” for all schools.

Andrea Katz said at the meeting “We won the battle, but the war is not over until we get it all.”

Assemblyman Ron Dancer announced that State Education Commissioner Kim Harrington will visit Chesterfield Elementary on June 6th to see first hand what the lack of funding will do to the school. Harrington will be joined by Assemblymen Dancer and Clifton and Senator Thompson.