On February 19th, WBNC News that Chesterfield Elementary would be testing its water sources for lead, joining many other area schools, as required by the New Jersey State Board of Education.

And on February 21st, Robbinsville based PARS Environmental carried out that testing.

This week, WBNC News obtained a letter written to parents from Superintendent Scott Heino that shares the results of that testing.

For context, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 15 ppb (parts per billion) and higher is what is called Lead Action Level, or when lead is high enough to warrant action. Chesterfield Elementary is less than a decade old, so the results were mostly below the 15 ppb.

According to the letter sent to parents, a 2nd floor resource classroom water fountain was found to have 25.7 ppb, and the action taken by the school was to remove the water fountain immediately.