The Race for Chesterfield Twp Committee is on


It seems like we just finished the 2016 campaign that was highly contentious in Chesterfield Township and across the country, but it is election season once again.

An important deadline to appear on the June 6th primary ballots in the Garden State was this past Monday, April 3rd, and from that deadline, we can now confirm that there will be 4 candidates on the ballot in June for the Chesterfield Township Committee: 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

Jeremy Liedtka has been Mayor of Chesterfield Township for 3 years and 4 months, and he’ll be seeking another term as Committeeman this year. The other committee position expiring this year is Deputy Mayor Richard LoCascio’s, but he will not be seeking another term. Last November, incumbent Ron Kolczynski was unseated by Rita Romeu after a long-standing tie between the two that stretched from November to mid-January. Now, Kolczynski put in his name to run again to try to win back his seat this year.

On the Democratic side, Agnes Marsala holds the position of President of People Over Pipelines and has been fighting the pipeline and compressor station proposed for our area for several years. She’s now seeking a position with more power. No word yet on whether she’ll keep her Presidential position at People Over Pipelines, but Rita Romeu is on the Township Committee and she is currently the Vice President of People Over Pipelines, so it’s possible Marsala will do the same.

The other Democratic candidate is Denise Koetas-Dale. She currently serves on the Crosswicks Library Board, is a former trustee on the Crosswicks Community Association, and was on the Chesterfield Board of Education back in 2009. Agnes Marsala tells WBNC News that she and Koetas-Dale are working together this year to win the Committee.

What may have worked for Andrea Katz and Rita Romeu last year, was that both had a specific cause they pledged to fight for. Katz focused on school funding, and Romeu fought against the pipeline. It seems obvious what Marsala’s cause would be, as she is President of People Over Pipelines, but it’s not apparent what Koetas-Dale’s would be. It could possibly be school funding, as she served on the school board, and she was present at the letter-writing campaign for school funding.

As for Kolczynski, we have to wait and see what this new campaign will be like compared to last year’s.
Update 4/8/17 7:17AM: Article originally stated Mayor Liedtka has been mayor for a year and 4 months. It has been corrected to 3 years and 4 months. We apologize for the error.