CHESTERFIELD, NJ – People Over Pipelines definitively rebuked the latest actions of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in a strongly worded Letter to the Editor this week.

According to the letter from the local anti-fossil fuel activist group, NJDEP has issued another permit to Williams regarding the Transco Pipeline proposed to run through our area. This time it was the Dewatering Permit.

In their letter, People Over Pipelines expressed concerns over well water usage, saying “By granting this permit, the DEP has ensured the devastation of not only individual homeowners wells but also the water quality of much of Chesterfield’s aquifer.”

Also included in the letter is a quote from Bordentown Township Committeewoman Jill Popko, a very vocal opponent of the proposed pipeline and compressor station.

She says “It is truly unfortunate for the citizens of NJ that the NJDEP has ignored their most fundamental responsibility – protecting the environment. Allowing Transco-Williams, a fossil fuel corporation, to dewater and destroy wetlands with industrial infrastructure is without a doubt the worst decision the NJDEP has made to date.”

This is not the first time Popko has spoken out against the NJDEP. Back in October, when she was still the mayor of Bordentown Township, Popko spoke at an NJDEP Hearing at Bordentown High School. After refusing to finish speaking, she was escorted out of the building.

People Over Pipelines say the fight is not over, however. With construction possibly beginning this week, a lot of litigation is still pending. The organization held an “Emergency Protest Rally” early this morning at the site of the proposed compressor station. Check back for that story soon.