CROSSWICKS, NJ – The Crosswicks Library was crowded Sunday as they held their huge book sale from 1-4pm. They had thousands of books to choose from, including self-help, fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, and more. Shoppers could purchase one of the libraries canvas tote bags for $10, and fill it with as many books as they could squeeze in.

This event was an important fundraiser for the library, as it doesn’t collect any tax revenue from the residents it serves. “This is a whole brand new idea,” said Library Board President Lynn Sichel. “Everyone in the neighborhood who has books they no longer need have been dropping them off, and we find homes for them.”

This year also marks the library’s bicentennial anniversary, which promises to be an exciting celebration. Sichel told WBNC NEWS about an upcoming invite-only event where the library will be thanking former library employees. The library is also planning a big public celebration in May for their 200th year.