The following is a Letter to the Editor from People Over Pipelines. It has not been edited in any way.

With little fanfare or public notice, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection issued the remaining permits for the Southern Reliability Link Pipeline, according to public documents received by People Over Pipelines, a local, grassroots group opposed to the pipeline project. 

The NJDEP permits were issued the same day as the very public Pinelands Commissions’ approval of the South Jersey Gas Pipeline.

Thousands of pages of testimony opposing the pipeline had been received by the NJDEP from citizens, elected officials and the experts they brought in.

“Jan Arnett, Andre Thompson, Diane Dow, Janet Stewart, Susan Lockwood and JoDale Legg, largely dismissed the testimony, accepting the rebuttals of New Jersey Natural Gas, which boiled down to, ‘trust us’,” said Agnes Marsala, President, People Over Pipelines

“Christie’s one-two attack on the environment delivered Friday, February 24th, marks a desperate, end-game attempt to ram as much unnecessary, permanent fossil fuel infrastructure as possible through the Garden State before his term expires” 

Marsala said People Over Pipelines was considering their next moves.

“People Over Pipelines is committed to working with our allies in the ongoing fight against the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Pinelands Commissions’ coordinated efforts to destroy New Jerseys’ Environment as well as the property values and safety of it’s citizens.”

People Over Pipelines