​The following is a Letter to the Editor from People Over Pipelines. It has not been edited in any way.

The NJDEP, in what can only be described as a rush towards insanity, has issued the hotly disputed Dewatering Permit for the proposed Transco/Williams Garden State Expansion Project Compressor Station 203.
In an attempt to mollify the local homeowners, all of whom use well water, the first condition of the permit holds Transco responsible for any, “…wells or surface water which become damaged, dry, have reduced capacity, reduced water quality or are otherwise rendered unusable as a result of the permittee’s dewatering operations.”
By granting this permit, the DEP has ensured the devastation of not only individual homeowners wells, but also the water quality of much of Chesterfields’ aquifer.
Bordentown Township maintains a large Municipal Water Storage Facility just a half mile from the site. The dewatering of the groundwater is certain to impact the readiness of Fire District 2.

“It is truly unfortunate for the citizens of NJ that the NJDEP has ignored their most fundamental responsibility – protecting the environment. Allowing Transco-Williams, a fossil fuel corporation, to dewater and destroy wetlands with industrial infrastructure is without a doubt the worst decision the NJDEP has made to date. Bob Martin, the NJDEP Commissioner has obviously abdicated his responsibility overseeing the permit department and allowing this cockamamie scheme to proceed!”, Jill Popko, Committeewoman, Bordentown Townwship said.

Agnes Marsala, of People Over Pipelines (POP) had this to say; “The NJDEP has not addressed any of the specific public comments submitted over 8 hours of hearings and months of written testimony. This leaves the taxpayers to pay, yet again, to defend the DEP’s actions against the inevitable and credible challenges brought by environmental groups, local municipalities and citizens.”

“It’s unconscionable that approval was granted when Transco failed to even identify private wells that are less than 30 feet deep and are within 1/4 mile from the proposed compressor site!” said Glenn Ashton, Bordentown resident and POP member. “They did sloppy field work and are now being rewarded by the NJ DEP in giving the permits they require all at the detriment of the residents of our communities.  We will suffer the consequences of this ill-proposed project and not one benefit!”

People Over PipelinesActivist Group Located in Bordentown and Chesterfield