CHESTERFIELD, NJ – The backdrop of the latest People Over Pipelines protest was the sight of Transco-Williams and their subcontractor AECOM tearing down trees on the site of the proposed compressor station.

According to POP president Agnes Marsala, the New Jersey Audubon Society and the federal agency Fish and Wildlife Service both found indisputable examples of 3 or 4 different species of nesting owls. In addition, Marsala says Fish and Wildlife recommended to Transco-Williams that they wait until after mating season of owls (which goes from March 15 to late July).

WBNC spoke with Agnes Marsala, President of People Over Pipelines about the latest development in the compressor station and you can watch that interview above.

While WBNC News was covering the protest, Transco-Williams subcontractors spend around 10 minutes looking at a specific tree that had been torn down.

The subcontractors then had their own “bird watchers” come and take a look at the same set of trees.