CHESTERFIELD, NJ – Early on a foggy Monday morning, faithful pipeline opponents met once again at the site of the proposed compressor station.

Sunday night, WBNC News reported that the organization decided to meet at the site at 6:30AM after hearing Transco-Williams could start construction as early as today.

Chesterfield Township Committeewoman and People Over Pipelines member Rita Romeu told WBNC this morning that Williams-Transco officials arrived at the site, including their lawyer and a security guard. Many of the license plates were from out of state, and the company decided to have a meeting today, and not start construction.

Williams-Transco could possibly bring in equipment today, in hopes of starting construction tomorrow, Romeu told WBNC News. Romeu also spoke about many litigations that are still pending, such as an appeal with the BPU (Board of Public Utilities) and Chesterfield’s lawsuit over the sale of land. People Over Pipelines is considering starting a new appeal to the NJDEP’s decision.

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Romeu says, “Bottom line: The fight is still not over.”

People Over Pipelines has a meeting scheduled for tonight at the First Day School in Crosswicks at 7pm to “regroup and prepare to fight even harder!”