CROSSWICKS, NJ – In the year 1817, the Erie Canal was under construction, the New York Stock Exchange was opened, and the Crosswicks Library Company was established.

This past weekend, the Crosswicks Library officially launched its Bicentennial Celebrations with an event honoring current and past employees. The actual 200th birthday of the library is on May 14th of this year.

Board President Lynn Sichel told WBNC News the event was to thank board members, librarians, and anyone who helped the library in the last 200 years. Sichel is breathing new life into the library with many events for families, a new chess club, storytime, and much more.

We spoke with Crosswicks resident Jan Williams who became the librarian in 1953. She told us that the current library building on Main Street used to be the firehouse on the first floor, and upstairs was Judge Ellis’ chambers.

“[On] the right-hand side in the corner, there were two shelves, catty-corner. One was books from Burlington County, and the other one was from Hamilton County. And the library was open once a week from 7 to maybe 8:30.”

On whether she thought it was still important for kids to read books, Williams said she can read a Kindle, but “I like a book! I like to pick up a book and look at it!”

According to Board President Sichel, a public event is in the works for this May to celebrate the library’s 200th year!