CROSSWICKS, NJ – The Chesterfield Township Historical Society held a Heartbombing Event at the Crosswicks Library this past Sunday.

Participants held up handmade hearts to celebrate the bicentennial of the Crosswicks Library, and to say “We Heart the Library”.

Crosswicks Library Company Board President Lynn Sichel participated in Sunday’s event. “There are people here from the library board,” Sichel told WBNC News. “There are people here from Chesterfield Township, there’s people here from the Historical Society, and we are making awareness of how much we love this library building.”

This is not the first Heartbombing event organized in our town. In February of 2016, the Historical Society heartbombed the former Mincemeat Factory (link) on Crosswicks-Chesterfield Road, which they said was threatened to be demolished.

Local resident Tina Brick went to the heartbombing last year, and also participated in this year’s. We spoke to her Sunday about the difference between the two events.

“Last year, I believe,” Brick said, “the goal was to bring recognition to the building in hopes that, somehow, it can be saved… This year, we’re honoring the library for its 200 years… [T]hat’s a real milestone.”

You can see pictures from the heartbombing on our Facebook, just search for WBNC News.