CHESTERFIELD, NJ – In one of her first acts as Committeewoman, Andrea Katz is organizing a School Funding Strategy Committee to come up with new ideas to the problem.

Chesterfield Elementary is funded just 11% of what it should be, based on household income and amount of students in attendance. Last month, Katz appealed to State Senate President Steve Sweeney, describing Chesterfield’s problem.

“We don’t have enough money for textbooks,” said Katz in January. “We’re using boxtops to buy the bare minimum technology needed to administer PARCC.”

According to officials, Chesterfield Elementary is the lowest funded district in the Garden State, and with our population continuing to climb, Katz says “no one capped our growth; please don’t cap our aid!”

In a new joint effort between the Chesterfield Township Committee and the Chesterfield Board of Education, Katz will serve as the committee representative on a new school funding strategy committee that hopes to come up with new ideas to the problem. Any resident who is interested in the program can email