Millions of Americans from coast to coast marched Saturday as part of a Women’s March movement. An estimated 2.9 Million participants made it, tentatively, the biggest one-day protest in US history.

And it wasn’t just Americans who voiced their opinions Saturday. Sister marches took place all across the globe, in cities like Melbourne, Berlin, Rome, London, and even Antarctica!

WBNC News has reached out to people who participated in marches in cities all over the US, and here’s what we’ve heard.

When I signed up to attend the Women’s March on NJ, I was a little hesitant. I don’t like crowds, I am uncomfortable around confrontation, and I am peaceful by nature. Yet, I wanted to show support for my two granddaughters, and for all women and children. Most of all I wanted to express my demands that all people be shown the respect they deserve no matter what race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or economic situation. How exciting that over 6,000 other people showed in Trenton with the same feelings!
This was a well-planned event. The variety of speakers were inspiring. Loud clapping and cheers were heard in the Trenton War Memorial, and no obnoxious taunting was present. A definite classy showing of men, women, and children who wanted their voice heard in a peaceful, respectful manner. Bravo to the hard working organizers.
A friend who attended the Washington march with her teenage daughter commented that their march was peaceful. There was a feeling of solidarity, love, humor, and empowerment. The very same could be said for the Women’s March on NJ in Trenton. Let’s peacefully continue what was started on Saturday.


It was a great turn out! They expected 20,000 but over 50,000 attended. We started marching from Logan Square at around 11am and marched down Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Having a smaller crowd meant people had room to walk around and talk to each other. The city was well prepared with police and portable restrooms.
Everything felt safe, and people were genuinely kind to one another. There was a wide diversity of people, including people from all walks of faith. Many parents, including fathers, brought their children. Many pink hats and sashes were worn to celebrate. A lovely, safe, and good time was had by all!


I attended the Women’s March on Washington yesterday. I wanted to march in support of Women, Women’s Rights and all groups facing discriminatory challenges. This particular time and the many issues at stake demand our voices be heard. The press may be demeaned or even silenced, but no one can deny the power of ordinary people speaking out in massive unity and peaceful demonstration. It’s pretty awesome. We need to continue.


On our Sunday show, a day after the marches, we interviewed 2 participants from Washington, D.C. and got their first-hand account of their experience with other marchers, as well as the relationship between the protesters and police. They also spoke in a web extra with anchor Marisa Murphy about why they were marching. You can see those videos above.

Did you participate in a march? Do you have an opposing view on the marches? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.