COLUMBUS, NJ – Jon Reising, the football coach at NBC Regional High School since 2002, has resigned his teaching position to become an Assistant Principal at Pennsauken High School.

With just 5 days until the first football game of the season, Northern Burlington has a new head coach. Northern says the new football coach will be the wrestling coach, Jule Dolci. Dolci graduated northern in 1995 and was also in the football program. The position is an interim coach right now, but Dolci doesn’t see it as temporary. He told the Burlington County Times, “Right now, it is an interim position but I’m planning it’s going to be here for the next 15 or 20 years. That will be up to the administration and other coaches”.

Today, Saturday the 3rd, is Reising’s last day with the team. Labor Day, Dolci will take over coaching the team.

NBC Superintendent Dr. James Sarruda took to Twitter this morning to say on the appointment, “Congratulations Coach Dolci and Best Wishes to you and your coaching staff this season”.