Photo: Mansfield Police Department

CHESTERFIELD, NJ – Please be advised that a  black bear was spotted in the area of the Old York Country Club in Chesterfield, NJ.

Police said they received several reports of bear sightings earlier this week, but couldn’t confirm until Tuesday evening, when a black bear was spotted and photographed in the area of Routes 206 and 68.

The animal was last seen running into a wooded area near the intersection but was sighted later Tuesday evening at the Old York Country Club on Old York Road in Chesterfield, according to Burlington County Central Communications.

Sightings are most common during the spring when black bears emerge from hibernation and are actively searching for food and territory.

Police and wildlife officials caution residents not to feed wild animals and to give them a wide berth if they are encountered.

The bear has not been aggressive thus far.  Call the police if you see it.