PEMBERTON, NJ – A new program aimed at helping new students succeed and complete their college education is beginning this fall at Burlington County College, or BCC.

FYI: First Year Initiative will provide students with the skills needed to succeed in college. In addition to developmental math and reading courses, the program will include two unique classes geared toward student success:

–  First Year Success will empower students with the skills needed to succeed at BCC and throughout their college career with topics ranging from maximizing classroom time to utilizing resources at the college.

–  Leadership Success Series will inspire students to stay motivated while completing their education.
“We believe all students can succeed with the proper guidance, motivation, and instruction,” said Dr. Terrence Hardee, Vice President of BCC’s new Student Success Division. “FYI will be a safety net to catch students who might otherwise falter during their transition from high school to college.”

The program grew from the Leadership Success Series started last year by Dr. Beverly Richardson, Vice President of Special Projects.

Stedman Graham, a native of Whitesboro, N.J., well-known for his work with nonprofits in identity development leadership, diversity training, and personal wellness, presented two workshops for the series last year and will participate again. He is scheduled to address students at the Enterprise Center at BCC on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

To complement this program, BCC employees, who are not academic advisors, will team with FYI students in a mentorship.
“For too many students, starting college is like being dropped in the middle of a strange forest,” Dr. Richardson said. “FYI gives them a GPS, teaches them how to use it and then coaches students as they blaze their own path toward success.”

The new program is designed to improve completion rates, whether graduation or transfer to a baccalaureate program, among students who need developmental courses. It is part of the college’s new Student Success division and agenda at the college.

“Burlington County College’s primary goal is to help all students succeed and advance toward their education and career goals,” BCC President David C. Hespe said. “A little extra effort at the beginning of a student’s career will have a big payoff for them at the end.”