Route 35 Reconstruction Announcement (7/2/13)

SEASIDE PARK, NJ  –  Jersey Governor Chris Christie calls on New Jersians, Pennsylvanians, Delawareans, and New Yorkers to get down to the beaches of New Jersey for this 4th of July weekend.

He says it will be a good opportunity to show how well we’re recovering from Hurricane Sandy, but also to show that though the shore is being promoted with TV ads such as the Stronger Than The Storm campaign, we are not forgetting the people who still aren’t in their homes, or have their businesses open yet.

Christie says he has talked with people who still aren’t in their homes, and he tells them that New Jersey has to be able to do two things at once: Promote this summer so the businesses that are open can get the income they need to stick around, and still provide aid to those that are not open or aren’t in their homes.  He says the two don’t need to be in conflict.