TRENTON, NJ – The race for the New Jersey Senate Seat is approaching.  The deadline to file to enter the race was on June 10th, so let’s meet our candidates.
First are the Democrats:

Left to Right: Booker, Holt, Pallone, Oliver

There are four people running as Democrats, and they are Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, and Representatives Rush Holt and Frank Pallone.

We begin with Pallone.  He is 61, and has progressive views on issues like the Affordable Care Act, and he and Lautenberg worked together on legislation in the past.  He says he’s a logical replacement because he wants to continue Lautenberg’s legacy.

Booker is 44 and has Hollywood friends like Oprah Winfrey and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  He says too many people have started to believe that nothing can get done in Washington.

Holt, 64, is a former physicist and he said that he will invest in education, and other key things to a stronger, more secure, middle class.
Oliver hopes to become the Garden State’s first female senator.  She feels she can accurately articulate the needs of New Jersey citizens.

2 Republicans have also joined in the race: Steve Lonegan and Alieta Eck.

Left to Right: Lonegan, Eck

Eck is a physician from Somerset and is a tea party candidate.

Lonegan says no only does he expect to win his party’s primary, but also the general election, saying “I don’t care which of the Democrats win that primary.  They’re all the same.  They’re all rubber stamps for Barack Obama.”