Senator Frank Lautenberg

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Monday, June 3rd, Lautenberg passed away due to complications from viral pneumonia.  He was 89 years old.

Some of the highlights of his career include passing a law that banned smoking on airplanes, writing landmark drunk driving laws, including the nationwide .08 blood alcohol standard, and the 21 year drinking age law.

Gov. Chris Christie announced on Thursday that he would appoint state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa to replace Lautenberg.  Chiesa said that though he wants to help in any way that he can, he’s not interested in keeping the job passed October when Christie decided to hold a special election.

The gubernatorial election is on November 5th, where Christie will be seeking re-election, and many people have accused him of acting on his own political interest, mostly saying that Christie doesn’t want Newark mayor Cory Booker to run.  Booker has indeed announced his run for the Senate seat.  The special election is on October 16th.