Tornado rips through Oklahoma on Tuesday

MOORE, OK – This past week, the destruction of an EF5 Tornado devastated a town just outside of Oklahoma City, called Moore, Oklahoma.

An EF5 tornado is the highest category of tornados, which can reach over 200 miles per hour. The storm stretched over a mile long, and two miles at one point, and trailed for 17 miles.

In that storm, at least 24 people were killed, 9 of them children, some of which went to Plaza Towers Elementary School and over 237 are injured. Thousands are left with flattened homes most of which were not salvageable.

If you would like to leave a donation to the tornado victims, you can visit or to make a ten dollar donation. WBNC would like to express our condolences to the victims and hope that they will be safe in the future.

Tornado touches down in Oklahoma