This is a segment from WBNC’s Evening News called “Marisa’s Humble Opinion”
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Tan mom, the New Jersey woman who fell into the spotlight after bringing her 5 year old daughter to a tanning booth is back, and singing-well, talking.

Remember her? She’s back again! Appearing surprisingly less tan than she was, this is New Jersey’s Patricia Krentcil, famously known as Tan Mom, post taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning salon. After what we thought was the end of the reign of Tan Mom, she has yet made another uprising with her new appearance in her latest music video called “It’s Tan Mom!”

The whole song generally revolves around her and her obsessive addiction to tanning, whether it be by the sun or tanning booths, calling the rest of us losers, and claiming to be “hotter” than Octomom, not to mention the poor use of green screen and graphics plus the horrible acting job that was exemplified to make this sad excuse of a “Music Video.” 

Unfortunately, this almost makes Rebecca Black’s infatuation with the day of the week Friday seem docile. Crazy I personally say, from her extreme vulgarity to her promiscuity, tan mom has blossomed her way into the internet world, specifically into “That Weird Part Of Youtube.”