Coltello Ristorante Italiano, which celebrated their 3rd year of business in Crosswicks in September of 2012 (VIDEO), will be moving to Allentown in 2013.

Sources tell us they will be going to the Old Mill building, and that they are moving because Allentown is a good walking town, where people can walk around and go into different shops and restaurants.

Along with the opening of Coltello’s in Allentown, for which they have not released a date for, they will also be opening Cafe Coltello, which according to the new website for the cafe, will be opening April of 2013.

Coltello’s will be leaving Crosswicks, and with their departure, the building on 460 Main Street will not be empty for long.

According to the minutes from the February 12th, 2013 Planning Board Meeting, the building will be turned into apartment buildings, 4 different apartments, to be exact.

Many residents at the meeting expressed their concerns over parking, something that building lacks, and Coltello’s had problems with that as well.  Their valet service took cars and parked them by the Crosswicks Fire House.

The residents who expressed their concerns mentioned that they don’t think there is enough parking in that lot for 4 apartments and suggests that Brick Alley be opened up.

For several years, there has been a fence in the middle of Brick Alley.  This was put in place after the owner of the house on Brick Alley found that their property extends over the road; hence, they own the road.  Their insurance company suggested they put a fence to prevent people from using the road.

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