We eliminated the cul-de-sac,” said the applicant at last night’s meeting.

For the houses that the Hepinstalls built on Crosswicks Chesterfield Road, the public at the meeting liked the look of those and their historical feel.  They wanted to be sure that the 2 new houses on Front Street look as good as them.

Debbie Kelly (President of the Historical Society): (Paraphrasing) In the past, we had review authority over  what the houses looked like, but for the houses the Hepinstalls built on Crosswicks Chesterfield Road, we had approval authority, and we are pleased to have approval authority for these two new ones as well.

Board Member:  The new homes being built will have to look historic, and the current ones are able to stay as they are.

Mrs. Hepinstall: We tried very hard to listen to everyone (their oppositions/suggestions) so Crosswicks can stay the village that it is.

Every board member who was present at the meeting voted yes on the application to create new houses on Front Street.