Natalie Tezsla recently posted a journal entry on the Tezsla’s Caring Bridge Page.

She talked about both her sisters as well as her own recovery and the rest of her family.

From Natalie Tezsla
Natalie- I am so happy to spend the next four days with Sophie, Mommy, and Daddy. AlsoIsabelle who is floating around somewhere in the sky! I heard she was chasing my cousin, Edge, around in his backyard today!
I am so happy to be back at school (and getting homework….) also seeing all my friends.

Sophie- Sophie seems very happy and LOVES her physical therapy. We are so happy that she remembers our names, (sometimes…)

Isabelle- Isabelle is communicating with ALOT of people, including our neighbor. Mommy and I are yet to hear from you Isabelle, so please reach out to us!

Sophie also loves receiving cards, so please send some if you would like!

And by the way, my mommy truly loves visiting this site and reading the messages of love in the journal. It is her therapy.