Sophie Tezsla has been released from Cooper Hospital.  She has been transported to a rehab center.  It was reported that she is pushing herself in a wheelchair.

Natalie Tezsla is resting at her home.  She recently got some homework sent home, and she didn’t even complain.  She is doing physical therapy for her arm and leg.

Jonathan Zydbel is slowly being weaned off the medication keeping him in a coma.  WBNC News reported last week from a source close to the family that Jonathan had moved a part of his body.  It was not reported what he moved, but the medication he is on is to make sure he doesn’t move due to the broken neck.  WBNC News has learned that he has sat up.  It is not clear whether the doctor’s helped him, or not.

It is unbelievable…..Sophie has been released from Cooper Medical Center and has now moved on to continue her physical therapy…….Wow….who would have thought we would be writing that this week.  Again…one step at a time.  Sophie shows emotions and smiles a bit.  She is eating a little; mashed potatoes, pudding, and ice cream.  The journey will be a long one but we will all continue to cheer her on and give her high 5’s!  🙂
Natalie received some work from school, and did not even complain! She is reading The Hunger Games Series and keeps busy. Her therapy on her arm and leg continues and seems to be healing nicely. A wonderful family even sent her an ipad to keep her entertained.
Hey Izzy girl…we miss you every day…our motto….”what would Izzy do”  We know you are up there taking care of everyone. Stay green kiddoe!
Anthony and Sue remain a solid unit…honestly their love is remarkable for each other and their children. The Zdybel family remains in their thoughts and prayers.
The Cooper doctors, nurses, administration, and entire staff was a true blessing to the Tezsla family. Thank you for the dedication and support you provide to your patients and their families.”

“Sophie is not home but in a Rehabilitation Program that requires her to stay. Not sure when she will be home. The journey will be long but she is off to a great start……see the last journal for more information.”