On Thursday morning a local resident heard about the deadly bus accident in Chesterfield.  Over the President’s Day weekend, they realized the students would have to go to back to school on Tuesday, February 21, and they wondered what residents of Crosswicks and Chesterfield could do to show their support to the students.  The resident, who chooses to remain anonymous, spurred into action, emailing everyone they could think of, and asking them to put candle lights in their windows (to “Light the Way”), and creating big banners showing their support, an idea they called “Wings of Love”.

We talked with the leader of the organization, and they said that nothing was really organized, and they suggested window candles and signs to comfort the students.  They made a sign for their home, and they suggested that others do the same.

Some residents liked the idea.

A Crosswicks resident said, “I think it’s a good idea.  Personally, I doubt the kids will really notice the signs, but it will give the adults something to keep them busy for a while…..something to make them feel useful in a time when they’re feeling helpless to do anything about the situation.”

The idea was not received well by every resident, however. Some thought it would bring back lots of thoughts and bad feelings from the students, something the counselors are trying to get rid of.

A Chesterfield resident stated, “I think it’s a lovely and heartwarming idea – I would just wonder if the child counselors would agree.”

Some saw the signs as a distraction for the drivers on the roads, especially the bus drivers.

A resident said, “I think it is a cute idea, and I think the candles will be fine, but the signs are a distraction.  I don’t want to distract any drivers.  The poor bus drivers will be nervous as it is.”

We sent an email to the leader of the idea and asked for a comment, and they said, “’Wings of Love’ are just that… we all need love.”

And no matter how you show it, that is what the students of Chesterfield Elementary School need right now: Love.