“Jonathan had a very restful 2 nights.  Jon did open both eyes this morning for the first time!!!  The family and the hospital were very excited to see this.  He was able to follow a few simple commands but he is still extremely sedated.  They will start to try and lower his sedation medication shortly and see how his body reacts.
This past weekend was a very rough one for the parents.  Many peaks and valleys of emotions dealing with the good news and some bad news at the same time.  Kris has asked me to let you know to please be patient with wanting to make hospital visits.  With the infections he was fighting over the weekend, the family has limited visits to only a few people per day and most are not getting in to see Jon.  Jon seems to be getting much better rest when there are not many people in the room.

They appreciate the support of knowing how many people are praying for Jon and the family.. They are in awe when I tell them of the stories of hope and love that are coming their way.  Keep the hope and prayers coming!  Thank you everyone for visiting this page [and] be sure to write a comment to the family.”