Crosswicks’ own FF Brian Clarke will soon participate in Ryan’s Cup, a charity hockey game for DMD.  We emailed him and asked him about his involvement.  The full interview is below.

WBNC News: What is your connection with Ryan’s Quest?
Clarke: Ryan’s Quest is a local charity that raises money to fund the research of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and possibly find a cure.  The charity was founded by a Hamilton Township police officer and his wife, a Hamilton Teacher, after their son Ryan was diagnosed with DMD.  While I have no official connection to Ryan’s Quest, I am still an avid supporter of the charity and volunteer my time to help out a fellow brother in the emergency services.  My wife also is a Hamilton teacher and helps to support Ryan’s Quest through fundraising efforts with the Hamilton Township Educators Association.

WBNC News: How many times have you played in Ryan’s Cup?
Clarke: This upcoming game will be my fourth time playing for Ryan’s Cup.  I am one of the original HTFD team members and have played in every game so far.  In addition to playing in the game, I also run the Ryan’s Cup website and coordinate all of the scoreboard graphics and video on game day.

WBNC News: What are your expectations for this outcome this year?
Clarke: In the past, the HTFD has had the stronger team, but as the years go on the HTPD has gained strength.  Last year’s game was very close and determined by an overtime shootout.  Unfortunately, the HTPD prevailed.  A lot of guys from my team and quite a few from the police play together year round in a men’s league.  There has been major improvement to the players who play and practice year round.

WBNC News: How much money do you expect Ryan’s Cup to raise this year for Ryan’s Quest?
Clarke: I don’t have the exact numbers, but in the past, Ryan’s Cup has raised close to, if not over, $10,000 at each game.

WBNC News: Anything you’d like the public to know?
Clarke: Ryan’s cup is a fun game between the Police and Fire Departments.  While we have a common goal to raise money and support the charity, we still are VERY competitive and provide a very entertaining experience.  Tickets to Ryan’s Cup are only $17 and also include the 7pm Trenton Titans game.  It really is two games for the price of less than one.  Tickets are on sale now at or can be purchased at our ticket release party at Killarney’s Publik House in Hamilton the Friday before the game, March 23rd, from 6-closing.  All of the players will be in attendance and there will be raffles and a Chinese auction as well.  We are sure to have a good time!