A local resident has suggested putting candles in the windows around Crosswicks/Chesterfield to “Light the Way” for the children.  They also have suggested making signs all over the towns of Crosswicks and Chesterfield, and hanging them up so the students going to Chesterfield Township Elementary School see them as they go to school, and feel supported.  Some people feel as though this will be too much for the students, and will not be doing it.  Someone who spoke with the leader of this idea told us what they were thinking about this idea.  This was before we heard about the controversy:

When we talked to the leader of this idea, they said that nothing is really organized; they suggest window candles and signs to comfort students.  They’re making a big banner for their personal home, and they suggest others do the same.

We heard later on from some other parents who commented, some for the idea, some against:

One Chesterfield resident says that “I think it’s a lovely and heartwarming idea – I would just wonder if the child counselors would agree.”

One Crosswicks resident says  “I think it’s a good idea. Personally, I doubt the kids will really notice the signs, but it will give the adults something to keep them busy for a while…..something to make them feel useful in a time when they’re feeling helpless to do anything about the situation.”

A resident says “I think it is a cute idea, and I think the candles will be fine, but the signs are a distraction.  I don’t want to distract any drivers.  The poor bus drivers will be nervous as it is.”
We emailed the leader of this idea, who chooses to remain anonymous, for comments on the controversy, and this is what they had to say:”Wings of Love are just that…we all need love.” “Wings of Love” are what they are calling the call-to-action idea of making banners and putting up candle lights. Please post your thoughts in the comments section.